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Our Group

We are a proud part of Morimura Group, a prestigious name of the market, renowned for excellence and quality consciousness by experts of the segment. It was established in 1876. The group is made up of famous companies including reputed names like: 

  • Noritake Co., Limited
  • Toto Ltd.
  • Ngk Insulators, Ltd.
  • Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.
  • Morimura Bros., Inc.
  • Okura Art China, Inc.


Our company believes that quality & customer conscious work always pays well to the hard workers. Believing in this philosophy, our enterprise has operated in the market in an incredible manner. Today, we are counted among few of the most reliable Japanese companies, across the world. We have build a rapport with clients by offering them most reliable assortment of CES Type Filter Cartridges, ACTL Type Filter Cartridges, etc. While offering this, we make sure that the range adheres to the high standards of quality and meets exact expectations of clients. 

Creed of our Company

Our enterprise was established with an aim to revolutionize the market and spread peace through foreign trade. Owing to this unique focus of our enterprise, a reliable creed was prepared. It motivated us in the past and still encourages us to: 

  • Aim at absolute sincerity as well as faithfulness
  • Focus on refraining from making false claims and being unfair 
  • Uphold integrity, honesty and professionalism, at every step of business journey 
  • Remain positive in challenging times and offer the best to customers 

Commitment To The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 

In addition to offering reliable ACTL Type Filter Cartridges, CES Type Filter Cartridges, etc., we are engrossed in developing a highly positive image of our company in the market by committing ourselves to the creed and philosophy of the company. Following a stringent code of conduct, we strive to attain sustainable growth in the market. The sustainable development goals for us are same as followed by United Nations. We aim to contribute our share and promote SDGs. Our CEO presented 17 SDGs at the UN, every single company agreed to the in September, 2015. At the time, we have shared our global framework of development priorities set for our operation till 2030.

Corporate Strategy

We follow a simple corporate strategy for growth in the market. Our enterprise focuses on enhancing our overseas activities along with strengthening our position in domestic market. The investment promotion as well as business management of our company is also focused on by our team and leaders. We concentrate on building strong business relations with reliable partners. Constantly, we improve all of our strategies for the betterment of our enterprise. We work on human resource strategy, promoting consolidated management and other management policies to improve our business performance. 

Global Network

Our company is well connected to our global clientele owing to our branch offices, affiliates, business partners and subsidiaries. Here are some of the major supporters of our company that arer spread across the globe: 

  • Domestic:
    • Tokyo Head (Office/Morimura Guest Lounge)
    • Nagoya Branch
    • Osaka Branch
    • Okayama Sales Office
    • Kyushu Sales Office
  • Europe And The United States:
    • Morimura Bros. (USA), Inc. Head Office
    • Morimura Bros. (USA), Inc. Los Angeles Branch
    • Morimura Bros. (Europe) BV
  • Asia:
    • Morimura Bros. (Asia) Co., Ltd.
    • Morimura Bros. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    • Morimura Bros. (HK) Ltd.
    • Morimura Bros. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Head Office
    • Morimura Bros. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
    • Morimura Bros. (SZ) Ltd.
    • Morimura Bros., (Singapore) PTE. Ltd.
    • Morimura Bros. (Taiwan), Inc.
    • Morimura Brothers Trading India Private Limited
    • Morimura Bros. (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Hanoi Head Office
    • Morimura Bros. (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Ho Chi Minh Branch
    • Morimura Bros. (Philippines), Inc.

Members of the Board

Our company has the support of a diligent board of directors. The trustworthy and hardworking members of the board are listed below: 

Representative Directors: 

  • Mr.Yusuke Morimura
  • Mr.Hajime Morohoshi
  • Members of the Board: 
  • Mr.Junichi Kuwahara
  • Mr. Tetsuo Uemura
  • Mr. Mitsuji Nomura
  • Mr. Toshiharu Ikeda
  • Mr. Tadashi Ogura (Representative Director & Chairman of Noritake Co., Limited)
  • Mr. Madoka Kitamura (Representative Director, Chairman of the Board of ToTo Ltd.)
  • Mr. Eiji Hamamoto (Advisor to the Board of NGK Insulators, Ltd.)
  • Mr. Shinichi Odo (Representative Director Chairman of the Board of NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.)


The auditors crucial to the quality operation of our company are: 

  • Mr. Yoshimitsu Tamaoki: A certified public accountant, he is working as Audit and Supervisory Board Member (External) of our enterprise. 
  • Mr. Kei Hata: He is a reputed attorney of Japan, trusted by our company as an Audit and Supervisory Board Member (External)

Executive Officers

Our supportive executive officers are as follows: 

  • Mr. Yusuke Morimura (President & Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Hajime Morohoshi (Chief Commercial Officer & Executive Vice President)
  • Mr. Junichi Kuwahara (Senior Managing Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer)
  • Mr. Tetsuo Uemura (Managing Executive Officer & Chief Administrative Officer)
  • Mr. Mitsuji Nomura (Senior Executive Officer & Deputy Chief Commercial Officer), etc. 

CSR Policy

We are focused on prompting globalization and contributing to the economical development of Japan. Over the years, we have earned great profits, a share of which is always contributed towards the betterment of society and helping underprivileged. We take responsibility to always work in this manner and fulfill all of our corporate social responsibilities. 

Environmental Policy

We are an environment friendly business concern, we are focused on protecting environment and reducing our carbon footprint. To do so, we adhere to the environmental laws as well as regulations of the county as well as international rules & regulations regarding environment protection. While working in the world, we carry out all of our activities in an environmentally friendly manner. We utilize energy as well as resources in an efficient manner, wastage is not an option for us. The company focus on recycling and reusing materials. We also educate other regarding the importance of environment. 

Business Affiliates 

Our trustworthy affiliates of the company are mentioned below:

  • Morimura Estate, Inc.
  • Morimura Chemicals Ltd.
  • Almorix Ltd.
  • Sanwa Laboratory Ltd.
  • Onoda-Morimura Magnesium Co., Ltd.
  • Murata Co., Ltd.
  • SquareOverseas
  • Chettinad Morimura Semiconductor Material Private Limited

History- Since 1876

He took an oath to enter boost foreign trade and improve the position of Japan in the world. He founded Morimura Gumi with his brother, established at Tokyo. Later on, he decided to branch out in United States of America, where he opened a retail store Hinode Shokai (New York). He started retail reading in miscellaneous goods including pottery, fans, dolls and much more. Further, in the year 1878, the establishment of Hinode Shokai Morimura Brothers was confirmed, the company engaged in exporting Japanese antiques as well as miscellaneous goods. In 1879, Mr. Yasukata Murai joined Hinode Shokai Morimura Brothers. Our 140 years of history represents a success story for Japan's foreign trade.

Some other highlights of the business journey are listed below: 

  • 1881: We changed the name of the company to Morimura Brothers
  • 1882: We became a wholesaler retailer of the market 
  • 1885: We started taking import orders, the orders were taken with sample as well as goods that were directly delivered to all the clients within six months or 1 year.
  • 1892: We opened a branch office in Nagoya which oversaw pottery segment for the company
  • 1895: To improve the designs of pottery as well as porcelain products, company established a design department at Morimura Bros.
  • 1896: Factories in Tokyo and Kyoto  for decorating pottery were collected to Nagoya 
  • 1897: We supported the incorporation of Morimura Bank
  • 1899: To conduct proper manufacturing research of white hard porcelain, we established a special institute in Nagoya office. 
  • 1901: Morimura Houmeikai Foundatio was launched, aiming to increase the contribution to culture and charity work
  • 1902: Took part in the establishment of the Dai ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company. 
  • 1904:  Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha was established at Nagoya. Further, our foundation has supported the incorporation of a Japan Women University.
  • 1910: Morimura Gakuen was established by our founder
  • 1913: The (Morimura Houmeikai Foundation helped in the establishment of mita grand lecture hall at prestigious Keio University. 
  • 1916:  Gomei Kaisha Nitto Shokai (Nagoya) was established as a domestic tableware sales enterprise.
  • 1917: We helped incorporating Toyo Toki K.K. in Kokura, now renowned as TOTO Ltd.)
  • 1918: Morimura Gumi K.K was renamed, capitalized at 20,000,000.
  • 1919: We lost our founder, Mr. Ichizaemon Morimura VI, he died on 11th September. The same year, the establishment of Nihon Gaishi K.K. in Nagoya. (presently known as NGK Insulators, Ltd.) was assured. Japan gradually became a trusted name across the globe. 
  • 1920: We set up an Employees Benefit Fund at Morimura Bros.
  • 1922: We took a pivotal part in the establishment of Hodogaya Country Club.
  • 1925: We came forth as the very first Japan based company to import IBM electrical office machinery.
  • 1926: Celebrated the 50th anniversary of our company with our employees and their families
  • 1928: Mr. Kaisaku Morimura succeeded on the position of Ichizaemon VII. He took over the challenge and started overseeing as well as investing in six of our affiliated companies 
  • 1929: Morimura Bank properly merged with Mitsubishi Bank.
  • 1941: We closed our New York office (Morimura Bros.) in December
  • 1946: The name Morimura Gumi was changed to Morimura Shoji K.K. (presently, Morimura Bros., Inc.) The company was capitalized at 2,500,000.
  • 1947: We opened a sales office in Nagoya  (Presently Nagoya Branch)
  • 1950: We incorporated a special product unit for managing the import business efficiently 
  • 1953: We incorporated another office in Osaka (Presently Osaka Branch)
  • 1959: We supported the incorporation of Morimura BLDG. Co., Ltd.
  • 1960: We helped in the incorporation of Morimura Standard Ultramarine & Color Co (Known as Morimura Chemicals Ltd. presently). The head office of our enterprise was also relocated. 
  • 1963: We signed contract with  Aluminum Company of America to assure easy import of bauxite as well as chemical products on an exclusive basis.
  • 1970: We opened an office in Kyushu (Presently, Kyushu Sales Office
  • 1972: In Iwakuni, established Moralco Limited (Presently, Almatis Ltd. Moralco Works
  • 1973: We opened a spacious office in Okayama (Presently, Okayama Sales Office. Further we expanded our business line to celebrate our 100 years in the segment. 
  • 1976: We opened New York Liaison Office.
  • 1977: Increased the capitalization of our company to 180,000,000.
  • 1980: We incorporated Morimura Bros. (U.S.A.), Inc. (New York), supported by a branch in Los Angeles.
  • 1988: Incorporated Morimura Bros. (Europe) B.V. In the Netherlands.
  • 1989: India, we opened Madras Liaison Office (Presently known as Morimura Brothers Trading India Private Limited.)
  • 1991: We assured the proper establishment of Chettinad MB-F Hi Silica Pvt. Ltd. (India). It is presently known as Chettinad Morimura Semiconductor Material Pvt. Ltd.
  • 1995: We supported the incorporation of Morimura Bros.(H.K.) Ltd.
  • 1996: Helped in establishing another company, Morimura Bros., (Singapore) PTE. Ltd.
  • 1998: We purchased BASE share in Morimura Bardiche, which will later be renamed as Morimura Chemicals Ltd.
  • 1999: We initiated the incorporation of Onoda Morimura Magnesium Ltd. in Toki.
  • 2000: We took over Besho Plastic Co., Ltd. from Bakelite Shoji Co., Ltd. as well as incorporated  Morimura Bros.(H.K.) Ltd. in Hong Kong.
  • 2002: We merged Moralco Limited with Kasei Limited and named the company Alcoa Chemicals Japan Limited (Presently, Almatis Ltd.)
  • 2003: We incorporated Morimura Bros. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • 2005: We helped in the establishment of Almorix Ltd. in Tokyo.
  • 2006: Morimura completely took over Besho Plastic Co., Ltd. Further, we opened Ho Chi Minh Representative Office for Morimura Bros. (H.K.) Ltd. 
  • 2007: Opened Shenzhen Representative Office for Morimura Bros. (H.K.) Ltd..
  • 2008: We opened Hanoi Representative Office for Morimura Bros. (H.K.) Ltd. Further, we assured the establishment of  SurTec MMC Japan K.K. in Tokyo.
  • 2009: We supported the incorporation of Morimura Bros. (S.Z.) Ltd. as well as Toho Material Co., Ltd. (Chigasaki)
  • 2010: We assured lawful incorporation of Morimura Bros. (Asia) Co., Ltd.  (Thailand) and Morimura Brothers Trading India Private Limited
  • 2013: We incorporated Morimura Bros.(Taiwan),Inc.
  • 2015: We increased our capitalization to 450,000,000.
  • 2016: We relocated our head offcie to Tokyo based Toranomon Towers Office
  • 2018: We assured the incorporation of Morimura Bros. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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